Julien Calot

Julien Calot is a young French artist born in 1982. He is full of creative energy and he experiments with music, writing and especially with painting and photography. Passionate by image technology and photomontage techniques, he presents his new series of digital compositions, “Landscapes”.

The idea that drove to the creation of these digital collages is his research for the “global vision”: the works are designed as assemblages, similar to electronic music mixes, with the goal to create new and rich pictorial spaces. These are inner “Landscapes”, fantastic spaces swarming with symbolic references. The classic and historic themes mix with images of modern life. Elements of nature and elements of the human and animal world come together. It is the whole image of life that is depicted with great exuberance, in all its complexity: peaceful but wild, playful and unsettling, full of light and obscure.

© Julien Calot – “La forêt”, 2016

© Julien Calot – “Bingin”, 2018

© Julien Calot – “Le couple”, 2017

© Julien Calot – “Les Coquelicots”, 2017

© Julien Calot – “Gucci Gang”, 2018

© Julien Calot – “Coco Marke”, 2018

© Julien Calot – “Le marché de Praia”, 2018

© Julien Calot – Paris artiste