Matt FX

Matt FX is many things, but most of all, he is damn busy.

A born-and-raised New Yorker who is best known as the music supervisor of the hit Comedy Central show BROAD CITY, Matt is also an in-demand DJ, record producer, on-air host, and up-and-coming food personality. Referred to by Forbes as a ‘musical polymath’ and VICE / THUMP as an NYC ‘nightlife institution,’ Matt has garnered acclaim everywhere from the New York Times to Shanghai’s Modern Weekly.

In addition to BROAD CITY, Matt has also recently served as music supervisor for a wealth of critically acclaimed comedies, including Hulu’s DIFFICULT PEOPLE and Comedy Central’s DETROITERS. In summer 2016 Matt was asked to join the cast of WONDERLAND, MTV’s first live music show in over 20 years, as a host and resident music expert and shortly after he helped Spotify launch one of their first original podcasts, UNPACKED.

He is currently in the process of developing and shooting an as yet untitled 10 episode web series for Food Network’s new digital vertical GENIUS KITCHEN in which he will combine his love of food and music – as well as his abilities as a host and music supervisor – in his very own show.
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We had the pleasure of sitting down with old friend and fellow underground dance music cohort, Matt FX, to discuss his views on the pulse of music (and food!) right now in NYC and worldwide.

While working on “Broad City” was there one episode in particular that you had the most fun supervising?

So hard to choose! The party episodes are always a blast, as well as the episodes in which we get to stick largely to a specific musical theme. I think my favorite episode to work on though was probably “Mushrooms”, in Season 4. Not only did we do a ton of custom composition for that – working especially with producers Photay and Bruce Smear – but I also managed to put in some of my favorite songs in the second half of the episode too!

Your project, “Scooter Island” shows off a different side of your production – what genres/styles do you want to explore next?

Ha, i’m all over the place. Mainly working with Synead right now on her next few releases – we’re planning on three before summer, starting with a track and video for her next single PHASE. Beyond that, I’ve been producing some dance music, some beats for rappers, and I’ve even picked the guitar back up. Toying around with a return to my roots, but nothing of substance yet.

Any albums you are currently listening on repeat?

My favorite album of 2018 was Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by the Arctic Monkeys. I’ll admit that I had written them off after their first couple records but I think their latest is such a beautifully weird creation. It sort of exists in that magic hour – imagine if, sometimes, there was a secret pocket of time that started around 4 or 5 AM but never got to actual sunrise.. I feel like that’s where that album lives and I really love that about it. It’s my favorite thing to throw on softly if I’ve gotten home a little too late (or early!) and can’t sleep.

I know you are also a foodie – what are a couple of your go-to spots in the city?

A lot of my favorite newer spots are actually pretty newish low-key or fast-casual Chinese spots! I’ll admit that my trip to Noma last November has sort of set me a bit off from fine dining…that being said, I love Junzi Kitchen (especially their late night menu!) as well as South of the Clouds, a restaurant with a focus on Yunnan Chinese cuisine (get the hogs on a stick and the cucumber salad!). Also love love love Very Fresh Noodles in Chelsea Market and I eat Wolfnights like 3 times a week hahaha

Ditto with venues, which spots (anywhere on the globe) are you favorites to attend or DJ?

Ooh- Internationally I love Departamento in Mexico City, Lola in Shanghai, and Red58 in Barcelona. All really great under 200 cap rooms with a focus on the right vibe with the right music. Although there’s been an influx of new spaces in deeper Bushwick, my favorite proper club in New York is still probably Good Room in Greenpoint, though I have a lot of respect for what the folks at Avant Gardner are trying to pull off right now. That all said, if you manage to hear about a party happening at the Marcy North, do not pass up a chance. Best vibe in town!

What is your dream musical collaboration?

My dream musical collaboration? This is a tricky one for me. I’m very fortunate to have met some absolutely incredible musicians in my short life and the fact is that I think I’m much more comfortable working with these friends than I am working with superstars. With some of my favorite artists, with their specific sounds, I question what I would even bring to the table!

There are so many artists out there whom I revere. Who I would love to learn from, one day. But I’m not dreaming about working with anyone other than the people I work with every day.