STUGAZI is an artist/designer who produces work that remixes cultural touchstones with humor and attitude. He now works primarily in small editions. He comes from a background of punk and skateboard culture. Last year Stuart was asked to showcase some of his designs for the grand opening of the Morpheus hotel in Macau China (the final design of Zaha Hadid.) His work was featured with such notables as Kaws and Baron Von Fancy.

We discussed his work over drinks at our favorite West Village dive bar – both about his early work and where he sees fashion heading.

What was your first piece of printed matter?

Stickers. I have a huge love for stickers. They add value to almost anything they touch.

What first brought you to NYC and what was the culture like when you moved here?

I first moved to NYC to go to college. I was always drawn to New York from a young age and I also had family in the city which helped. NYC was still pretty out there – I remember first going to the east village and I was blown away by the way people looked and dressed. I had never seen anything like it.

Music seems to be incredibly important to your art – what are some of the most impactful records or musicians in your life?

I’d say everything from my childhood. I grew up in Washington DC when punk was just breaking so I’d say everything from the Bad Brains, The Clash, to ska – you name it. I played drums as a kid in a couple bands and music in general is very important to me it helps me think.

You’ve described the “Seinfeld/Supreme” as sort of a viral accident – was the execution of that idea in lieu of your typical creative process?

It’s a perfect example of how I like to create things, I move from two different points that seem to have no clear connection and find that connection. I feel like that resonates the most with people.

If you had a dream project or brand to work with, what would it be?

I find the harder the project the more rewarding it is. I think it would be something that has been overlooked a brand that has either almost disappeared or a project that takes something in a very different direction from the way we currently see it.

What do you think the next trend in fashion would look like/ what do you think we are moving towards?

I think simple and uncluttered. Right now everything is moving to extremes in size and detail. instead of a t-shirt with a million graphics on it maybe one with one little tiny one. Bring back the preciousness of things.